I am a professionally qualified Quantum Pain Therapist and I am here to help with pain relief.

In addition to the simple fact that you feel less pain when relaxed, hypnosis can actually reduce the amount of pain you perceive.

Studies have shown that although pain signals are still sent to the brain, hypnosis can teach the brain to ignore them, and so the pain is removed. Hypnosis is an extremely effective means for reducing or controlling physical aches and pains. It can work alongside or as an alternative to conventional medicine, with the added advantage that it is completely natural and has only beneficial side effects. Today the British Medical Association recognises and publicly endorses the power of hypnosis for pain relief. Quantum Pain Therapy is recognised here in the UK by the NHS directory and The British Academy of Hypnosis.

However, with all pain relief it is important to understand the cause or source of the pain before commencing any treatments so it is strongly advised that you seek medical diagnosis first of all. Pain is generally a warning protecting us from further damage but in many cases the warning becomes of no further use and so can be removed by the power of this hypnotic technique.

Quantum Pain Therapy may be the solution to pain relief. Pain is created by the mind and sometimes the solution to remove the pain is to remove the pain from within the mind. Quantum pain Therapy may offer a fast, effective and permanent pain relief solution.

Prior to the discovery of anaesthetics, Hypnosis was widely used in the medical world for operations, childbirth and dentistry, a fact that some enlightened doctors and surgeons still make use of today.

This pain therapy is an advanced technique developed from hypnosis and is suitable for many forms of chronic pain.

The administration of Quantum Pain Therapy follows a similar induction and treatment to a hypnotic technique and so a personal session is required.

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