In Hypnotherapy for weight loss we can take many different approaches. Using an initial consultation we can assess your needs and choose the appropriate action to suit you. Whether it may be Healthy Eating, Exercise, Binge Eating, Snacking, Boredom Eating, It doesn’t really matter. We will work together to find the best method for you.

These changes can be done in as little as one session. The more determined you are to make the positive changes in your life, the better success you will have.

Or, maybe you feel like the Hypnotic Gastric Mind Band is the right choice for you. The Gastric Mind Band is done over a 5 session course to mentally prepare you and get you in the right frame of mind. The Gastric Mind Band is very powerful and can produce some AMAZING results, without the need for surgery. Gastric band surgery can be very expensive and does have its own risks, with hypnosis there are no ‘physical’ procedures, eliminating the risks.

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